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The Mobile Command Center (MCC) Mini 2 is a self-contained portable unit that serves as a central hub for communication and data transmission. It’s equipped with the latest networking technologies and features high-speed connectivity, making it an ideal solution for emergency response, public safety, and disaster recovery operations.

A business-grade router packed neatly inside a rugged box and powered by its own dependable battery, you can rely on the MCC’s hotspot capabilities for up to 128 devices – this means you, your business, and your teammates are provided with a strong online connection to get any job done, anywhere.


    Measuring smaller than a lunch box and weighing in at only 7 LBS.


    Modular design gives you the ability to choose the router that best suits the need of the business.


    10,000 mAh lithium battery with an intelligent power board to keep you connected on the go.


    Designed with an injection molded case providing ultimate protection in the most extreme environments.


    Built-in high-gain antenna, giving you increased signal capabilities in the most remote locations.


    Provide remote day-1 connectivity with the push of a button for up to 128 devices.

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How MCCs Are Used Today  

With its convenient storage and powerful connection capabilities, the MCC works for a variety of groups with dynamic needs. 

  • First responders who require reliable communication systems to effectively respond to emergencies, coordinate with other agencies, and stay connected with their teams in the field 
  • Construction crews needing rugged connectivity options for temporary locations and worksites 
  • Disaster-response teams that require immediate access to critical communication and data resources while existing infrastructures are down 
  • Event Planning 
  • Sports teams that need stable connectivity during road games to access email, live documents, and game film without their internet slowing down 

Introducing the MCC Mini 2 5G

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