About Us

CSG specializes in providing affordable solutions for large volume wireless deployments across a wide range of Enterprise, M2M and IOT verticals.  We help you find the best device for your application and work tirelessly to provide it under budget.

CSG’s facility in Richmond, Virginia is strategically designed to facilitate a host of fulfillment and logistical services, including custom kitting and labeling, SIM implementation, IMEI and ID reporting, asset tagging, deployment logistics, and much more.

CSG also designs and manufacturers rugged deployable solutions for a variety of verticals and use cases. This spawned from our mission to solve every mobile connectivity challenge our customers face. We couldn’t find products that were up to the demanding tasks our customers needed them to tackle, so we created our own.

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8529 Meadowbridge Rd

Suite 300

Mechanicsville, VA 23116

(804) 396-5985

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