Set up communications. Anywhere. Anytime.

Keeping all the moving parts — supplies, people, schedule — in sync at a remote site requires close coordination, communication and remote data access to cloud-based information and tools. Rugged Mobile Command Center(MCC) solutions from Connected Solutions Group(CSG) help your business stay connected throughout all phases of deployment.

  • First Responders

    When your focus is emergency response, The Mobile Command Center gives you the ultimate advantage. The MCC comes equipped with advanced features to help your team respond and perform at their highest. CSG’s Mobile Command Center can be customized to serve as communication hubs in the event of a disaster or emergency. CSG also offers customization for Hazmat, Fire, EMS, or Police equipment.

  • Utility & Infrastructure

    Modern utilities are facing a confluence of challenges. Due to heightened competition, increasing regulations, widely-dispersed assets, and rising public scrutiny, utilities must embrace a robust mobile operations strategy. CSG has worked with some of the largest utility companies to design next-generation solutions that move utilities into the connected future. What are you doing today that will ready your business for tomorrow?

  • Construction

    Whether you need to monitor the progress of a project via drone or communicate with contractors and subcontractors, CSG's rugged deployable Mobile Command Centers are the ideal solution for construction communications. MCC's are built to withstand the demands of your job sites. Deploy an MCC within minutes from your construction trailer or the tailgate of a truck.

See our rugged deployable MCCs in action!

Enable your workforce with voice communications and high-speed internet connectivity on demand. Whether you're looking to protect your business against downtime, set up temporary locations, or expand your capabilities in remote and demanding environments, the powerful, ultra-rugged and portable MCC lineup ensures your entire organization stays connected, regardless of location.